Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Doubly feisty

I do think it is so sweet to see the love bunnies snuggling together. It does make up for the extra trouble caused by Whitty, who is turning out to be just as playful and feisty as Blackie. 

Now, most bunnies like to keep their feet firmly on the ground since they are supposed to prefer to dig and hide. Not this one. She has discovered that I keep all their treats on top of their cage, and thought hm...maybe she can help herself to some since I am so sparing with them. 

Excuse me, as I am typing this, I hear suspicious noises in the yard. Oh no! The naughty things just engaged in a pee-ing competition and then scattered the contents of their litter box about. RAAAABBIIITSSSSSSS!!!!!

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