Friday, July 22, 2011

Squeak in the attic

There are more pictures of Ninja because she is the gentlest of them all and has the tendency to pause in her actions, as if trying to puzzle out something. And also because...she is the cutest. :P I have to admit to favouritism. 

Once again, she is foraging for the best bits of food in the attic while Friendly is out playing in her hamster ball. 

Friendly got a spanking. Don't worry, I don't mean strong slaps with the hand! But she has been dreadfully willful lately, biting the cage until we let her come out to play in her hamster ball. It has come to such a stage that we the Owners have to pretend that we are not at home so that she won't start kicking up a fuss! I finally decided to discipline her by giving her a series of rapid tiny taps on her backside with my finger. She didn't like it and went back into her house huffily. Hm...have to show her who's the boss.

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kisetsu said...

Hahaha. So cute. I do agree on spanking and the hammies ain't like it.