Thursday, August 25, 2011

Presidential Election 2011: Basic Rules of Engagement

Don't you know that there are still basic rules of engagement even in war?

For this is what it appears to look like now - War of the four Tans.

In the desperate bid for attention and political gains, some have resorted to sinister insinuations not just of their opponent but his children. And this is what I think of such actions: SHAMEFUL. Is it naive to hope that the campaign for the highest position in our country remains gentlemanly?

In the cyberspace, all decency is thrown out of the window and everyone behaves like snarling demons, typing out the worst insults and lies that never otherwise see the light of day. Maybe if we actually meet those guilty, we would be surprised by just how normal they appear. Yet how badly people behave when they think that no one is looking!

It is all very well to demand more political freedom and awareness, but all this freedom leads to is uglier, more vicious combat, I would think that our civic society has taken a sadly big step back.


snake said...

My main issue is: how can the checker be someone who did the work? That's like asking a student to mark his own exam. It's just wrong to even suggest it!

masterofboots said...

i am so tired of politics. when will things go back to normal?