Wednesday, August 24, 2011

V's entry: Bemused

I was having a good snooze after a long day when the shrill timer went off. Masterofboots called to me that it's time to make Friendly go back into the cage, and please give her some extra food since Ninja would have eaten everything up in her absence.

It just seems like such a futile yet exhausting exercise. We feed the Squeaks and the marauding rabbits and that makes them poop and pee. We clean up the litter, feed them again, so that they can poop and pee some more. And the cycle never ends. Trust me, if you eat as much fibre as the rabbits do, you will...erm...poop a mighty lot.

Besides, I'm not at all convinced by their show of love towards us. The rabbits just want their oregano flavoured pellets, their slices of dried apples and vegetable cookies. Friendly is excited when she sees us because she wants us to let her come out to play, and Ninja is excited because she is Friendly's copy cat.

I feel so tired.

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