Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Everywhere is like Home

A conversation between V and me

V - V
M - Masterofboots

V: We should go on a date. We haven't for a long time. Let's go and watch Johnny English
M: Ok, where do you want to go?
V: How about Vivocity?
M: Wouldn't traffic there be very bad? We might as well go to NEX.
V: NEX is like next door! What kind of date is that?
M: But what's the difference between Vivocity and NEX? They are equally huge malls.
V: True...and they have cineplexes...
M: And the same restaurants...
V: And roof-top gardens...
M: And they both have Pet Safari as well. We have no reason to go to Vivocity anymore.
V: But it is so near home! What kind of date is that?
M: Is it less of a date if we only go next door?

Urban planning - making everywhere feel like home.

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