Sunday, September 25, 2011

Goodbye Borders

A sign still unremoved offered membership, and the only catch was, this is the last day Borders opens its doors for business.

Years ago, while backpacking in England, I made the point to enter every bookshop I saw, and my backpack got heavier with each town I visited. But times changed and so do people. Being one of those who happily left bookshops for the Kindle, I suppose I play apart in the demise of Borders. I cannot remember the last time I bought paper books. Isn't it ironic that not too long ago Borders was still vilified as Big Business which drove smaller shops into extinction. Yet it does not escape the forces of progress.

I feel vaguely sad that part of our landscape has altered inrecovably, again. But would I have wanted to buy more books just to keep the industry alive? I doubt so.

Goodbye, Borders.

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