Tuesday, September 20, 2011


That day our small party of 4 had to pay $18 just to satisfy our craving for BBQ sambal stingray, then I thought, what can be so difficult about grilling fish? Mind you, stingray is such cheap fish too.

At home, I tried to replicate the dish, but well, as you can see, I'm not even using stingray :P couldn't find it anywhere in the supermarket. It doesn't seem like such common fish after all. I got a slab of garouper instead. As for the sambal, I just grabbed a bottle of Glory Nonya Sambal off the shelves. Not sure if I'm supposed to wrap the fish up or put it under the grill either so I wrapped it with baking paper. Hahaha! So you can imagine, in the end, it was nothing like stingray. Just very spicy grilled fish. The taste reasonably ok, but I'm still looking for my BBQ stingray recipe. Please tell me if you know there is actually a ready made sauce for it.

Just a side note, I was pleasantly surprised to find Glory Nonya Sambal delicious though. It doesn't really have a bottled instant food  taste.

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snake said...

After reading your post, I bought Glory sambal chili too. It was goood! I fried it with mushrooms.