Monday, September 19, 2011

Lagomorph speech

How do rabbits communicate, since they are such silent animals? I can't speak for all rabbits, but I think I know what Blackie and Whitty want to tell me:

Nose-bump - Hello, here you are again
Head-butt - You are in my way
Nip - You are seriously in my way, clear off?
Standing up, paws together - Please give treats
Pawing my back repeatedly when I'm reading - Hey, give me treats!

Blackie makes funny buzzes when he is particularly excited, like, if I'm holding his favourite hay and not giving it to him. He goes 'hmpf hmpf' when he runs away from us, kicking his heels.


Xmac said...

That sounds pretty accurate. You doolittle, you!

Denise Lim said...

That is exactly what my rabbit did! My rabbit also did some funny buzzing sounds when he is " not in the mood "...