Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Angry Rabbits

The rabbits have to get their nails cut every 6 weeks, so one afternoon, we woke them up from their cozy nap to get them out of their cage. They were most reluctant about it, and it took a bit of chasing around the yard before they got bundled into the pet carrier. Unfortunately, the pet salon was full of excited, barking dogs which I don't think the rabbits like.

The rabbits were so offended by their experience that it took some time before they are friendly again. In fact, even now, Whitty isn't as trusting as before.

Whitty: I don't want your lousy strawberries

Blackie: We are having fun without you

Rabbits: Now leave the salad behind and go away

Hey rabbits, it's for your own good you know...


Denise Lim said...

Actually, rabbits don't need their nails cliped. Did you clip them because they accidentally scratch you? If not, you don't need to clip them, really, it is better for the rabbit. :)

Trust me.

masterofboots said...

really? the petshop told me have to clip regularly because if not will grow so long that the nails irritate them. Now i'm so confused!

Denise Lim said...

You only need to clip your rabbits' nails if you want to. If you think it hurts when they accidentally scratch you, you can cut them. But really if not, you do not need to cut them.

The nails will definitely not irritate them. This is natural for rabbits to have claws.