Thursday, October 06, 2011

It's a rich man's world

Moments like this, I wonder if somehow, unknowingly, I have slipped below the middle-class income level.

It was reported that at Natas Travel Fair, the tours packages were all snapped up, and that inspired V and I to plan a holiday too. At least, until we realised just how expensive even the air tickets are. Taxes another hefty sum, and then we did not even bother to look for accomodation, because we decided not to go anymore. 

We thought of doing up the only toilet left to the humans in our home, as it is getting somewhat shabby. To my dismay, just laying the tiles on the floor would cost a thousand. I think I will go and get a bleach pen instead :(

I've finally bitten the bullet and signed up for a driving course, hoping to hit the road really soon. The registration fees alone burnt a hole in my pocket, but apparently, many other people are also driving, because the lessons are so fully booked that it would be a couple of months before I can even start booking the lessons! Anyway I suppose there is no hurry, since car prices are sky high and I am not likely to be buying my own anytime soon. I look in wonderment at all the shiny new cars on the road. How do all these folks manage their finances? And travel? And do up their homes?

Then, feeling distinctly poor, I contemplate giving tuition to supplement my pay.


Xmac said...

'tis the miracle of easy credit. buy now, pay later. don't fall for it.

tyhan said...