Saturday, November 12, 2011

East and West

Overheard at KFC during breakfast hours.

A middle-aged 'auntie' remarked to her companion, "KFC is tastier than San Shu Gong." That seems such random comparison!

For the uninitiated, San Shu Gong is a bakery based in Malacca, selling traditional Chinese confectionary like 'Wife biscuits' and 'Chick biscuits'. As she spoke on, we realised that she was comparing KFC's Southern US biscuit with San Shu Gong's 'beh teh soh'. Now that she mentioned it, these two balls do look remarkably similar!

Beh teh soh
Biscuit as the Americans call it:
Some things are universal in appeal - fat, whether in the form of lard or butter, taste so good baked with flour and sugar. Yum yum. This is my new favourite breakfast, by the way.

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