Monday, November 14, 2011

Naughty Girl

This is a very naughty rabbit. Both Blackie and Whitty are, but Whitty is more. She instigates Blackie to gnaw at the security barriers. She attacks the bags of hay. And recently, she has taken to a new naughty habit - nip the owner.

Now, websites say rabbits nip if they are afraid, or angry, or to get you out of the way. BUT!!!! This rabbit is different! She would run up to me just to play with me, nosing around me, then suddenly nip me! I don't know why, it must be her idea of sport.


Xmac said...

Pebbles is the same. I believe he and maybe Whitty are too quickly overstimulated and respond when they have had enough attention.

masterofboots said...

That sounds plausible. Hyperactive kids these are

Denise Lim said...

Maybe she wants something from you! Like treats or something.

Or maybe, like you said, just for fun. Rabbits do a lot of unexpected things, and sometimes for no reason! @_@