Thursday, December 08, 2011

The misanthrope's socialphone

Ok ok, things finally seem normal now.

I went to the M1 service centre, where the staff were stunned by the freak condition of my phone. They poked and pried and even used a torchlight to check what the h*ll happened inside the phone. Finally, they conceded defeat and handed over another phone. Now I have a brand new, new phone. YAY!

The amazing thing about the iPhone is, it actually changes your I being hyperbolic? I mean, when I was using my old phone, I just messaged and called (rarely), and I thought the inbuilt camera was such a revolutionary idea. But now, I can go on the web anytime, my friends are on whatsapp, and I can access Facebook so easily! No wonder folks have been telling me to get an iPhone. It is truly a social device, connecting one to the social web online. It is quite a feat for an invention to make a misanthrope excited about networking.

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