Saturday, December 10, 2011

Perth - of plentiful seafood and walking

The gastric juices have to work their magic. We have stuffed ourselves so full with succulent seafood and strawberries that we can't face dinner. It is just as well though, because the shops are closing early today, since it is Saturday. Funny huh, where does everyone go then?

We spent a large part of the day walking around Fremantle, a port town before catching a ferry ride across the river to return to our hotel.

I'm sorry to say that the isn't anything much to blog about. Not that we are not enjoying ourselves. The isn't anything out if the ordinary which you would like to know about. I don't imagine that you, my friends, want a run down of our itinerary. Maybe this entry epitomizes the pleasant but bland charm of the little city we are in.

Tomorrow we are going to the desert. There might be more to talk about then.

This misanthrope has resorted to pretending that I don't speak English, so that strangers won't try to speak to me. Amazing that everyone here just likes to strike up a conversation with anyone else. It is vey nice of them, but this is no place for a misanthrope.

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