Monday, December 19, 2011

Perth: Desert Experience

No friends, I am not so animal-crazy as to completely neglect other interesting things in Perth. We went on a day trip to the Pinnacles and sand dunes. It was a mercifully cool day (for a desert experience), and we survived, armed with bottles of water, sunglasses and an umbrella. It never ceases to amaze me how we managed to conquer and tame the devastating phenomena of Nature so that we can find amusement in them. I mean, people get lost and die in deserts, don't they? Yet here we were, tropical city folks traipsing around without any knowledge of dessert survival essentials, because we were with a local guide who took excellent care of us. 

In the words of our guide, here are the buses 'doing the lambada on the sand'.  

Against the sun, we had sunblock, sunglasses and UV-protection umbrellas. Against the heat we had plenty of water. Against flies...there is no defence. Why, why, why, when there were no other signs of life, flies could still thrive! There were great clouds of flies everywhere - on your backs and arms, under your hats, and even beneath your sunglasses! SCREAM! Resistance was futile. After a while, we stopped slapping at them. The desert belonged to them.

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