Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Perth Funny Animals

Of course I had to visit the Cavernsham Wildlife Park, which houses all kinds of local animals. We were allowed to go and play with some of them, like the kangaroos. Being used to human presence, these animals happily came up to us for food. One naughty kangaroo deliberately walked all over me to make sure I knew who the boss was: 

 Are there more treats? You were holding a lot just now.

Koala: Don't touch my leaves, or else I won't eat them anymore.
It amazes me that koalas manage to survive at all! They are perpetually sleepy, and eat only the most select of eucalyptus leaves. If you touch any of the leaves, they refuse to eat them. But I was delighted to be allowed to stroke their fur, even if they were in a post-breakfast coma

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