Friday, January 06, 2012

Pets: love them, then let go

A dear friend just suffered a loss feared by all pet lovers. I know, some cynics might think 'but they are just animals!' Why do we get so sentimental about a dog, or worse, a rodent? But if you have ever taken care of an animal daily, interacted with it and understood its unique personality, you would know that the death of a pet feels like a bereavement too.

It is a sad fact that unless you keep an elephant or a tortoise, your furkid is unlikely to outlive you. Painful loss is inevitable at some time. Do we then conclude that we should not have pets anymore?

Such a measure may guard our hearts from loss, but we would also not have the joy of enjoying a pet, and what a pity that would be!

I think the best attitude towards pets is to love them when you have them, and see to it that they have a full and happy life. Laugh at their silly antics and pretend to scold them for unintentional or (perhaps intentional) naughty behaviour. Appreciate their affection, be the best thing to happen to their lives.

Then when it is time, let them go. Cry if you must. In fact you will. But be comforted by the knowledge that they were happy with you. Love the next furkid that scampers into your life and it too has the chance to give you much happiness and fulfilment.

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Anonymous said...

to add on to last sentence in this entry........ and have the chance to enjoy the full and happy life you give them