Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mrt breakdown: An Amazing Race adventure

Suddenly, through my headphones, I hear muffled announcements. The train I am on is stopping for a suspiciously long time. Then it dawns on us - there is a train delay, just when we are all hurrying to work. How long is it going to be? Then, there comes a disquieting thought that I had drunk too much water in the morning. Uh oh...

The train crawls to Marymount Mrt station, and announcements tell us that service would be delayed for (only) 15 minutes. But I look at all the people disgorging unto the station platforms, milling up the escalators, and pouring out into the open, and tell myself, there is no way I am going to continue my journey on the Circle Line.

It is time to call for a cab. Oh, there is none available. Everyone is trying to do the same.

I walk to the nearest bus stop, which is growing crowded. No direct bus service to office. Never mind, I have to leave the vicinity, so I take a bus going to Little India. A few bus stops later, a bus stands empty, broken down. The stranded passengers try to push into my packed bus. *SCREAM!* Is it apocalyse? If there isn't space, there isn't space!

Then I get off at Little India Mrt where the NEL line is still functioning. It takes me to Outram, and another train finally brings me to office. My word, it is like taking part in Amazing Race, connecting many dots to reach the destination.

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speedyrabbit said...

Thats life one big roller coaster!