Friday, April 20, 2012

Picky rabbits

Hey, the two of you, do you really have to behave like this?

Alas, my new purchase - coral lettuce - evidently isn't tasty enough for the picky rabbits. Blackie and Whitty are showing me how little they like my offering. Blackie is sitting far away, refusing to touch the lettuce, and Whitty turns her back to it and hides in the hay cave.

You can guess what happened to the remaining leaves - the humans had a very healthy dinner the next day.

What the rabbits refuse to eat, they refuse to eat. There is no coaxing or scolding them. As neither V nor I like lettuce, he begs me to stop trying out new vegetables on the rabbits and just stick to what they like.


speedyrabbit said...

my mum tried me on taragon which I thought was a little strange but I love it now I've tried it!

Anonymous said...

Oh my...*LOL* Well, your dinner there looks delish if that's any consolation.