Monday, April 23, 2012

Mulling Rabbit Food

Now you know how we always joke that vegetables and such are rabbit food? That's just shows how little we know about rabbits' tastebuds. Evidently, looking at my rabbits' behaviour, there are differences between even the various kinds of lettuce. They reject coral lettuce, but romaine lettuce is a favourite. What is the difference? Frankly, I find all kinds of lettuce bland and clammy, but these are the true connoisseurs.  Funny little things.

Whitty likes it so much that she grabbed a huge mouthful and ran off to eat on her own in peace, so that Blackie can't harass her for it.
Ok ok, I get the message. No to coral, yes to romaine. Some lettuce are just more equal. Don't even try to understand why.


speedyrabbit said...

But don't they look cute munching it all up.from speedy's mum

Anonymous said...

There's difference in the various types of lettuce. Remember how I used to make salad almost everyday.

Some types are just "sweeter" than other types, lol

I don't like coral lettuce too. The taste's blend, and they have dry, soggy texture. not very tasty.

I love butterhead lettuce. They are more juicy.