Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Attack of the Robber Rabbits

The robber rabbits made an outrageous coordinated attack one day.

Blackie spots treasure! A bottle of their favourite papaya tablets. He noses it to the edge of the cage. 

There, right below, his accomplice waits. "Well done Blackie, pass it to me!"

He pushes the bottle over the edge and Whitty pounces on it gleefully. Before we could stop her, she has bitten a hole right through the bottle.

RABBIIIITSSSSSsssss! But they are so cute about the whole heist that you can't be angry with them. Instead, erm...they each got one papaya tablet. Well, they did earned it...kinda...


speedyrabbit said...

Yes they did smart buns that they are!

speedyrabbit said...

oh and thank you for following Speedy