Monday, May 28, 2012

House Rabbits, not Cage Rabbits

If you keep your rabbits in the cage all the time, this is how they feel :(

Whitty: Let me out pleeeeeeease...I promise to be good

(Don't worry folks, these are posed pictures. No rabbit was harmed or oppressed in the writing of this blog entry :P Whitty was wondering whether we were going to give her more treats. Blackie was snoozing behind because it was afternoon - rabbits' bedtime.)


kisetsu said...

Lol, I can understand this. Scar was abandoned to the dark toilet with closed door at wee hours and this morning his expression was priceless when I went to retrieve his cage. Super sulk face. =X

speedyrabbit said...

priceless those pictures,she looks like an innocent bun being condemed

masterofboots said...

Ya you should see how they jump out of the cage during playtime