Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hougang By elections 2012

I don't like political soundbites because they suggest a lack of alternatives i.e. real substance. They feel very catchy and emotively attractive, yet upon closer inspection, it is clear what makes most noise.

First, WP reminded us that he has always been there for the ward, for 20 years! But sir, you left for a bigger battle, remember? And that is how the whole saga started and why we are now going to the polls again.

Then we were repeatedly told that Hougang is special to WP. Oh, thanks. I won't like to be in the other GRC then, like a step child. Or when the time comes, will it be special too? I don't think any ward needs to be special,as long as they are all well taken care of.

Most outrageously, now Hougang is pronounced to 'defend democracy in their own backyard, even if it costs them.' This, if I may say, is a false dilemma! Do you mean to say that only by voting for opposition does one 'defend' democracy? I thought that every time a Singaporean goes to the polls, we are exercising (or defending, if you like) democracy!

Now I hate soundbites because they are made to substitute for political solutions. Observe what is happening around the world. Isn't it obvious that the best politicians are not necessarily the best leaders? I really don't want to go down that route.


snake said...

Hmmm... what happened? It's unlike you to pick apart minor points in anger. That's something I do. :)

masterofboots said...

i am not even angry. Only unimpressed.

speedyrabbit said...

politics always makes me unimpressed to I wonder if bunnies would be better at it than human?what do you think bunny domination sounds good to you?