Friday, May 18, 2012

Rabbit obedience training

It is time to introduce more to our syllabus in the rabbits' obedience class.  

Observing the rabbits, I now realise that they have different levels of intelligence, and not all rabbits can achieve the same things. But they can be trained, certainly, in the basics.

Basic Syllabus for all rabbits:
  • Toilet training
  • Recognise (and obey, of course) cue to return to cage
Advanced Syllabus for higher-ability rabbits:
  • Beg for treats
  • Perform tricks (like balancing a ball on their head)
Whitty has finished both levels of training, but Blackie doesn't understand begging. He just robs. He also took longer to do the balancing ball trick. Poor boy, bottom of the class :P

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speedyrabbit said...

all good things come to those who wait!