Friday, May 25, 2012

V's entry - More is a crowd

Masterofboots has been thinking of getting more bunnies...but where are they going to live? Blackie and Whitty are such a happy, loving couple now. What if new rabbits change their social dynamics?

Whitty is very possessive of her litter box, she would be so angry if another rabbit dares to use it (except for Blackie, of course). What if Blackie decides to groom the new gal bunny and ditches Whitty? And being such a very beta rabbit, Blackie would most likely be bullied by another male.

But...masterofboots has visited a Holland lop in the petshop a couple of times. And talked incessantly of moving into a new home where we can create a pet free-run level.

Why is there such a sense of deja-vu?


Two Bunny Blog said...

Do you have any rabbit rescues where you are? It's always great when you can adopt a bunny rather than shop for one. :) Many homeless buns need homes too. :)

speedyrabbit said...

my last 2 bunnies were from a pet shop and speedy is a rescue when its the right bun it doesn't matter where they come from what matters is where they are going plus am I right in thinking that rescue centre's are hard to find where you are?