Thursday, June 07, 2012

Confused metaphors

This advertisement caught my eye for its confused imagery.

Now since the sentence starts out comparing time (tenor) with money (vehicle), one would expect the following punchline to be about money. Instead, it moves on to describe time as 'short and sweet', which takes reference from a different vehicle altogether. In simple terms, I mean, if you want to compare time with money, stick to attibutes of money in the following description. For example, 'If time (tenor) is money (vehicle), we are thrifty (reference to money).' 

I managed to figure out at last that the advert is saying that time is precious, and we do not want to waste it. Therefore, investments are kept short and sweet. But this message takes too long to emerge.

Besides, I have always thought that copywriting should avoid complex sentences as the immediate impact is reduced. I mean, in the train, you don't want to ask the target audience to keep information in their mind while they make sense of the rest of the sentence, especially if the phrasing is confusing to begin with! How about recasting it as 'Time is precious. We/Let's keep things short and sweet.' 

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