Monday, August 13, 2012

A New Beginning - Monday Morning

It feels so strange to leave cubicle life and go back to school as a full time student.

As most of my classmates are part time students, all the lessons are held in the evenings, so life gets rather topsy-turvy for me.

I woke up as early as I've always did, because I haven't learnt to sleep in. Then I fed the animals, and wondered what to do with myself after that. Walking home from the supermarket, I feel like moving in the wrong direction, since everyone else is streaming towards the town centre except me!

There is a stack of readings's hard to gather the energy to look through them, annotate and highlight, and then, think about my assignments.


anonymous said...

MB, be happy, enjoy school, find what is good and worthy in this change, in this new experience. Do all your reading, but get up and go outside and breathe and stretch. Learn, think, question, discuss, listen! But, remember, your professor will not believe you if you say your bunny ate your homework. Education is a gift to you and it is to make you a gift to those o you saw walking toward the city center. We wish you the best. It will have ups and downs but do not be afraid and do not quit.

masterofboots said...

Thanks so much :)