Friday, August 10, 2012

Ninja - an embarassing diagnosis

For sometime, we noticed something disturbing about Ninja's paws - there seem to be black lumps protruding from her nails. Oh no...what could they be? So on her usual teeth-trimming trip, I pointed this out to the vet. She too looked perturbed and brought Ninja into the surgery for closer examination, while I stayed in the waiting room.

Suddenly, there were loud shouts of laughter in the surgery. Oops! The lumps were just DIRT! Ninja is a dirty hamster, that's all! The vet tried to keep a straight face while she handed Ninja back to me. She must be wondering what kind of paranoid pet mummy I am :P

But I am very relieved though.

Ninja enjoying her meal of powdered sunflower seeds and flax seeds. It takes so much patience and love to keep this ageing, dentally-challenged hamster healthy and chubby.

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speedyrabbit said...

well she's getting on a bit and lots of cleaning is probably tiring for her...but I can see it would be a wee bit embarrassing..hehe..