Friday, August 03, 2012

Cactus Soup

I made cactus soup for dinner one day. It was surprisingly light and refreshing in taste, yum yum, and supposed to be good for health.

The thick, fibrous skin had to be peeled off first. Inside was spongy and slimy, kinda gross when raw. Still, this stickiness apparently is due to its high collagen content, so just bear with it. The cactus flesh reminds me of aloe vera. I cut it into chunks and put it into the pot with half a chicken, also snipped into large parts. Then I added one honey date and a handful of tiny dried scallops.
The whole concoction spent 3 hours in my thermal pot and was seasoned with sea salt. And that's it! I served it with rice.


speedyrabbit said...

sounds very tasty,yummy

Snake said...

was it really tasty? if yes, i might try it too!

masterofboots said...

Taste v good but it is quite hard to find