Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Hairball prevention

The rabbits are moulting again and there are little puffs of fur drifting everywhere in the yard. I think they shed so much that I can make a sweater with rabbit wool! This is a time which requires more care to ensure that all the fur does not block up their digestion. They do groom themselves a lot, and Blackie grooms Whitty, so he is taking in even more fur.

I always give them Oxbow papaya tablets more frequently during this time. In the picture below, I'm trying to give them the tablets and shoot at the same are so excited that they keep bobbing up and down and practically jumped on my knees. Sorry it is so blur. 

Because Blackie is so choosy about his vegetables, he gets a tummy rub  occasionally too, to keep things moving along. This is one way to do it: One hand holds the rabbit head firmly (but gently), the other hand slides down to (gently) massage the stomach. Repeat on the other side if you couldn't massage the whole stomach like this.

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speedyrabbit said...

Speedy is shedding too white fluff everywhere