Monday, August 27, 2012

Rabbits' Day Out

Is this a new toy? A plastic cave? 

Then suddenly the rabbits remembered that this is the pet carrier...and dashed into their cage. "No, we are not going to the pet groomer's. Nothing is going to make us come out!"

It is always such a struggle getting them into the pet carrier. They hide in a corner, scrabble frantically when you carry them, and might even nip you!  Now, Whitty is very cross and showing her back to me. Blackie is hiding behind Whitty, so you can hardly see him in the picture. You timid little thing! What sort of husbun are you?
Anyway it was a super short expedition. We just brought them to get their nails trimmed and they were back in less than 30 minutes. Then it was time for some treats to sooth their ruffled feelings.


speedyrabbit said...

they always take any kind of mahandling as a personal insult,I'm sure after some treats they felt a little better about the whole thing

anonymous said...

I hope the little ones are all soothed and you are, too. I don't guess it does much good to tell them it is all because you love them and it is good for them?