Monday, December 10, 2012


"There isn't going to be much pain, though you will smell...your skin burning."

Isn't it amazing, what women are willing to go through for the sake of beauty? There seems to be more raised freckles on my skin lately, and before Christmas, I thought I would go and get them removed at the doctor's.

He applied a numbing cream unto the major spots, and explained to me that the raised skin have to be burnt off! As the bigger spots would hurt more, he would also use injections to control the pain. Lying there in the cold room, with my face tingling from the cream, I wondered if I regretted walking into the clinic. This was the basic procedure - tiny injection of anaethesia (which hurt pretty much actually), followed by zapping, then the wound is wiped firmly. I tried not to think that he was cleaning off blood :P After that, he moved on to the next spot.

The ordeal isn't completely over yet. I have to hibernate at home because I can't use sun screen and make up for the next two days :P And the entire treatment cost a whopping sum too. Excuse me while I go and clean my wounds with antiseptic cream now :(

Incidentally, I have to say that the smell of my burnt skin was...less scary than I expected. It wasn't exactly a "Silence of the Lambs" moment.

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speedyrabbit said...

Hope you heal soon !!