Thursday, December 13, 2012

Time for Pet Boarding again

In V's words, "the home is full of life again."

Once again, our evenings have been punctuated with the sounds of rabbits gnawing their toys and an occasional crash as they kick their furniture about. In the middle of the night, Ninja wakes up to scrabble in her bedding and run on her wheel. After the long stay our animals had at pet boarding, our home is filled with the noises of animals making happy mischief. It has been so quiet without them. 

In the middle of their stay at pet boarding's, their Nanny sent a message to reassure this anxious pet mummy owner, "your rabbits are having a ball of a time bullying me." Oops...I'm relieved that she is still willing to look after them when we go away this weekend.

Blackie - as picky and willful an eater as ever. I had been chasing him around the yard with vegetables, and he finally agreed to eat them, but only in his favourite BusyBunny mini haven. 

Massive destruction wrecked upon the mini haven. I had better get a new tunnel for them before they start eyeing my doors again.

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speedyrabbit said...

destructo bunnies!hehehe