Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Labour of Love

Slightly more than two years ago, I brought home two tiny, young hamsters - Friendly and Ninja, collectively known as the TwinSqueaks, because we couldn't tell them apart. Friendly has long passed away, so Ninja now lives alone. Perfectly healthy in other ways, she developed a strange dental problem - the upper and lower front teeth don't meet anymore.  

Who could have foreseen this development when we were choosing a pet? They were so young and energetic, full of life. Now taking care of Ninja is such intensive labour of love. Apart from grinding and pounding her food for her, I have to bring her to the vet extremely regularly to trim her teeth. Sometimes, it feels like such a tiring commitment. But to give up trimming her teeth is unthinkable, since the overgrown teeth would pierce her throat. 

Because I chose her and named her, I feel responsible for her, even if now she is aging, and not quite as cute as she used to be.


Two Bunny Blog said...

So glad she has you...such a good and dedicated mom to your fur babies...

speedyrabbit said...

Aren't we all when our pets get old ,but we don't love them any less and when they leave us we end up with broken hearts till we get new ones to help fill the gap and fall in love all over again restarting the cycle.But Ninja is still a little cute litte friend