Sunday, December 23, 2012

It is the season to be asking

Christmas is almost here and Chinese New Year follows shortly. It is the season to be asking again.

Traditionally a time to renew family ties and friendships, it inevitably turns into an occasion when one's private life undergoes invasive scrutiny, accompanied by probing questions and exhortations. Dear me, woe betides anyone who falls short of the "married with kids" ideal. I am so tempted to flee the country for the season, if only I could get pet boarding.

The trouble is, people have such difficulty accepting others' life choices and circumstances, especially in the light of our government's push to reverse our low birthrates. This is certainly one policy that is seeing support from the whole village. Singles are encouraged with (measly) dating vouchers, and I have to explain (repeatedly) the absence of happy little feet (furry ones don't count here). It doesn't matter that the media has done us miscreants a favor by highlighting the unpopularity of these questions. Those who would ask, always ask. Sometimes one suspects they do so out of sheer bloody-mindness.

It is a little premature to be griping about this actually. But you are living in an Asian society and reading this, remember my complaints when the real CNY season begins, and "think before you shoot".

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speedyrabbit said...

Just smile and let go over you head it will keep the mystified and they will think you know something they don't and will drive them nuts,but I do know how you feel my dad use to do the same thing to me he doesn't both any more now he eventually gave up,still have a merry Christmas and new year and Chinese new year when it comes,xx Speedy and Mum