Monday, December 17, 2012

On Sandy Hook

The tragedy is so unnecessary.

How many more of such massacres must happen before the obvious preventive measure is taken? I know gun ownership is considered an constitutional right in the US, but when the 2nd Amendment was written, guns were not the automatic, rapid-fire mowing machines they are today. How can anyone be allowed to walk along the streets carrying weapons that are made for the battlefield?

So, "guns don't kill, people do", huh? Much has been suggested about the boy's troubled psychology. There will always be troubled people in our society, but at least, keep lethal weapons out of their hands. It would have been so much easier to subdue him, if he were not so heavily armed.  Is it because I am not American that I cannot understand this fierce protection of the right to bear arms?

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speedyrabbit said...

I know what you mean we have strict gun laws in the uk,what I don't understand is why they feel they need assault rifles for protection where a hand gun or shot gun will suffice how many shots do you need to fire in self defence ?