Saturday, December 22, 2012

Sudden Crash

Suddenly, there was a terrific crash. Instinct told me that it wasn't normal mischief.

I dashed into the yard, and to my horror, the rabbits were standing in the midst of broken ceramics! One of them, probably Blackie, had pushed their feeding bowl off the top of their cage and shattered it. I shouted for V, who raced over to pick the silly rabbits out of danger. While I gingerly picked up the shards, he examined their feet carefully. We then vacuumed the place twice to ensure that nothing was left behind to hurt the rabbits. 

It was an exhausting night, and the two of them, as usual, had no idea what trouble they created. Whitty even thumped indignantly at the vacuum cleaner! 

Huffily sitting in a corner waiting for their slaves to complete the cleaning job.

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speedyrabbit said...

Oooops well at least no one was hurt,Hope you all have a very merry christmas!,xx Speedy and mum