Friday, January 11, 2013


Tell me that he isn't being stubborn. 

Blackie has been amazingly naughty about his vegetables. Whenever I put the vegetables into their play area, he would dive into his tunnel, so I have taken to chasing him around, waving leaves and stalks at him. But to my surprise, when I give up and go off, he would emerge and eat on his own! He is just being very willful about not eating when I tell him to eat! Who could have guessed that rabbits can be so stubborn? 

Here he is, eating when he thought I wasn't looking. 

Resting after a hearty meal. After my recent rabbit bite experience, these two rotund furballs look even more cuddly and innocent, haha. At least they have never seriously bitten me.

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speedyrabbit said...

thats because you're their Mamma