Monday, January 07, 2013

The Almost Adoption

She was an adorable lionhead-lop mix, and the fosterers kept assuring me that she was docile and gentle. Holding her in my arms, I was ready to carry her home when it happened. The bite was swift and unexpected. Blood started oozing out only seconds later, and by then, my would-be adopted rabbit had been hurriedly returned into her pen.

Such a pity. I do like her very much, but I can't have a biter around my rabbit village. Blackie and Whitty wouldn't know what to make of her :( And that's the end of my attempt to adopt another rabbit.

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speedyrabbit said...

some things are not ment to be but may be she was a little unsure of you prehaps you should see her again to be sure,she might be better 2nd time round