Monday, February 18, 2013

Territorial Rabbit

Just because rabbits are quiet, fluffy and cute doesn't mean that they are gentle or peace-loving. As a new rabbit owner, I was surprised to find out that they can be fiercely territorial, especially the does. I often toy with the idea of adopting more rabbits, but where are they going to live? In the past, bringing Whitty home to Blackie was a breeze, because Blackie was only too delighted to have a girlfriend. But see how possessive Whitty looks about her litter box. I would worry for any other rabbit trying to use it. 

I don't like the way you are eyeing me when I am in my litter box. What do you want? 

1 comment:

speedyrabbit said...

So get another litter box that would be neutral ground for a new bunny.I do love the last photo of Whitty