Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Angry rabbits

The rabbits look rather panicky and fearful here, huh? Don't worry folks, there isn't any animal abuse going on here. It is just time for the rabbits to get their nails cut, and they hate being bundled into the pet carrier. 

 After that, they were so upset that they dashed into their cage and hid in the shadows. They even refused their favourite Oxbow cookies! This morning, they still ignored me :( and ran away from my hand every time I try to pet them. *sob*
In case you don't already know, rabbits are easily offended and they don't forgive quickly :( I had to give them the ultimate treat - banana - before they decided to be less unfriendly, though things aren't back to normal yet.

Hey you two, do we have to go through this drama every time you go to the pet groomer?


speedyrabbit said...

oh dear my hubby trims Speedy's nail and afterwards Speedy runs off flicking his feet as if offended too!

Rabbits' Guy said...

Serves you right!