Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction. Apocalyptic literature during the Cold War often set their stories in imaginary post-nuclear war eras, when society returns to primitive living conditions after suffering mass destruction. These are not really far-fetched fancies, if we look at what is happening now in North Korea.

A young leader, blustering about nuclear strikes, and struggling to control his regime, is unpredictable. Nobody wants a nuclear war, not even, Kim, I am sure. What we fear is a misjudgment somewhere that can trigger off actions that we will all regret.

The oddest thing of course, is the continued existence of a kingdom (for that is what North Korea really is) in which the life has been stifled, repressed and controlled. And there is nothing else the world is going to do about it, not even if it is waving around dangerous toys and threatening to kill everyone else.

To add the surreal feel of the moment, I am still working on my final assignments, as if they are going to matter if war does break out and turns nuclear. We are all hoping that this pantomime will follow its usual routine, and life goes on as usual.


Mich Ng said...

i like your title:D

speedyrabbit said...

And so we carry on with life and make the most of our life how ever short or long it may be,xx

Megan Hastings said...
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