Friday, April 26, 2013

Rabbit language

Ah, the subtlety of rabbit language. 

Though rabbits don't bark noisily or make other such vocal sounds, if you are patient enough to observe them, you will understand what they are trying to tell you. It is sad that people sometimes treat rabbits like they are exhibits in the cage, without caring to communicate with them. 

I went over to pet Whitty, but she surprised me by hoping away, out of the reach of my hand. Then I noticed that she was looking at me ever slightly. She is actually waiting for me to play "catch" with her. 

And so I went forward and she happily allowed me to scratch her neck. 
 Mind you, it is very easy to misunderstand them, because if they are offended, they also show you their back. Hm...sometimes I think they are too subtle for their own good.

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speedyrabbit said...

they love to play chase Speedy does it all the time and when we play he springs up in the air during mid chase then hides behind some thing doing little filps and you know if he could laugh he would be laughing out loud little scamps..hehe,xx Rachel