Monday, June 03, 2013



Ninja has reached extreme old age, and is now not even able to reach her water bottle. I have put a tiny dish of water in her cage. It breaks my heart to see her staggering around, half the time rolling in her bedding, trying to find her footing. We call her Ninja because she used to be the most nimble and energetic of our hamsters. 

Once again, we are at this painful stage - dreading the worst, and suffering while waiting :( We are bringing her to the vet tomorrow, but truth is, there is no cure for mortality :(


Holly Nelson said...

I am sorry, I know how hard it is - I used to hate it when my little ones got to this stage, where there seems no right or wrong and it is hard to know what to do for the best. I hope everything is peaceful x

speedyrabbit said...

Then let her go to the rainbow bridge,I know it's a sad and hard thing to do but you will see her again when it your turn and she won't be alone as your other fur babies that have already gone will be waiting for her,Give her the peace and celebrate her life,and remember you're not alone you have Potato,Blackie and Whitey and your other half and you have us to help you through,love and snuggles Speedy and Rachel

masterofboots said...

everytime i read the story of the rainbow bridge, i can't help crying :(