Sunday, June 23, 2013

Bradfield: Room with a view

We stayed Padley Farm in Bradfield, a simple homely place which has rooms with amazing views. It is so wonderful to wake up to a sight like this. With the help of GPS, it was not too difficult for us to find the place, but it would be impossible for me to drive in this area. There is no way an automatic car can wend its way through the mountainous routes, up and down, then down and up again. In fact, there were many occasions when I half expected the car to give up trying to climb a steep slope, and roll backwards instead! Now I understood why that area it is called the Peak District :P 

Derwent Dam in Peak District. I would love to boast that we conquered some of the walking trails in Peak District, but we didn't, really. In fact, we got tired after just walking around the Visitors' Centre. Hey, the routes are really steep, and not all are paved. There were many elderly folks bravely trekking these trails though, so we haven't much excuse, except that we are city folks who just don't exercise as much as we should :P 

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speedyrabbit said...

Its a beautiful part of the our country,I'm glad you enjoyed it.Next time you should come to our part of the country Dartmoor in Devon,its in the south west,you would enjoy that to and the coast is only an hour or two drive away for north or south coast for some lovely beaches and coastal walks,xx Rachel