Friday, June 21, 2013

Rabbits in the Haze

Abruptly, the haze from Indonesia became hazardous, yes, hazardous. Our whole country is shrouded in smoke, as if the fires are right within our land. Considering the situation, special measures have to be adopted for our little animals too :( 

The yard is sealed off, well, as far as I can. So for now, they cannot go into their usual play area. We have to use our corridor as some kind of rabbit run instead. They are quite pleased about it, actually. 

Uh oh, Whitty! No nibbling of doors! Leave my home alone!


speedyrabbit said...

naughty girl! :)

Holly Nelson said...

All of our door crams have been nibbled on by the dog! The worst my rabbit did was to chew on my airbed in the night when I was waiting for a ne bed delivery and I had to sleep on the floor for two weeks!! They are lovely though x

Rabbits' Guy said...

All new delights!