Monday, September 30, 2013

Chubby rabbit

One day, V came up to me in alarm and said, "I think Whitty is pregnant." Luckily both the rabbits are neutered, so we know she cannot be. Still, looking at Whitty's fat tummy, it is obvious why V made that remark. 

The pellet rationing doesn't seem to be effective in reducing her weight, since she really gobbles down all the food much more quickly than Blackie. See, her whiskers are stained with vegetable juice! Greedy little girl.

 "Why are you picking on me? I'm being good about my veggies."

Patches of green around the whiskers


Denise Lim said...

HOW did she get so fat?! The first pic... I can't stop myself from laughing xD Her head looks like it's not proportional to her body! Her head looks kinda small. xD

speedyrabbit said...

SPeedy is the same he is on a diet light pellet food ,and cutting back of treats,but it is hard when somebody goes behind you back and gives them treats,xx Rachel

Rabbits' Guy said...

Hard to make a pair share equal!

jane ng said...

LOL! Yes her head looks smaller now. She probably eats up 70% of the food the rabbits get