Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Cheap replacement for BusyBunny

You know, I love Blackie, but sometimes he really has such Stitch-like, smackable moments! 

Not only has he been peeing in all the wrong places in his cage, the recalcitrant rabbit started peeing...outside his cage! He did it in his favourite place in the yard, and this, unfortunately, was the expensive BusyBunny mini haven. By the time we discovered his crime, the cardboard had soaked up all the urine, and could not be salvaged. The lingering smell would mark the mini haven as his pee corner forever. 

And so we discarded it and gave him a new cardboard castle. Guess what, he did it again!!! It must be his silly way of marking his territory. Maybe it is because V has been the one cleaning the rabbit area recently, and he didn't like the intrusion. 

There isn't any point splashing out on a new expensive toy in case he does it again, and I might really smack him then. For now, I made this cave/tunnel out of recycled materials. It was so easy - I only cut two holes, one on each side of the box. 

He seems to like it enough anyway, though not as much as his BusyBunny haven, of course. Too bad, he isn't getting one until he proves himself reliable again. And maybe not even then :P I could do with the extra savings.

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Rabbits' Guy said...

Booze boxes ... ours like booze boxes!