Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The fugitive caught

Dear friends, thank you for your concern. I'm very happy and relieved to announce that the fugitive mouse has been caught. Now I'm in the mood to tell the full story.

We woke up to find the remaining hamsters in a great state of excitement. Friendly was creating a lot of commotion, and when she finally got our attention, she ran and showed us a *gasp* gap in the cage! Ninja was gone! I was so worried for her.

Unbelievably, many hours later, we finally found her hiding inside a cupboard. I didn't even know that she could squeeze in. She was there all along I think, and never ventured out for food and water. Imagine my great relief when I opened the door and saw the little bundle of fur, looking perfectly miserable and ready to go home in my hands. The fugitive offered zero resistance. She ate and drank a lot, and slept the whole day. Don't think she would be wanting to run away again.

A ravenous hamster

Sleeping it off. Why run away when home is so cosy?

Where she hid. I shudder to think what would happen if I never opened the door. Who could have guessed?


snake said...

Friendly is so clever! :)

Cheah said...

I'm totally not a furry/hairy fan and I get the creeps when I encounter such animals. But the hamster in the picture looks cute alright!

Anonymous said...

somehow it reminds me of human when we were lost sheeps. Why run away from the Father when it's really the safest place to be